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"It is so practical, clear and well structured. Thank you so much for the narratives you share and your attention to the key tenets of a leadership role at that level. I felt so inspired reading it and then when I finished it I felt completely energised and full of hope. Put it this way, I am going to have to read it all again and I can’t wait! It was such insightful and sensible advice. Thank you."


Dr Caterina Murphy


"Allan’s book is a must read for any aspiring, new or experienced principal.  It combines research with a lifetime of experience and provides the reader with insights into what matters most as a school leader.


His ideas, reflections and suggestions are set out under broad headings and the Table of Contents clearly states what is focused on in each section.  The book is highly readable, well designed, and combines practical advice with a large number of relevant examples.


I can see this book being used extensively as a resource, frequently referred to by school leader’s as they reflect on how things are going, work through a challenging issue or plan the next steps in the school’s development.  It is an excellent addition to books on leadership from a uniquely New Zealand perspective."


                                                                         James Bracefield

                                                                          Deputy Principal